Owners and lake lovers



We are the  new owners of Devil Track Lake Cabins. 


We are high school sweethearts and have been married for 33 years. We have 3 children, two more we call our own and one grandchild. We also have 3 dogs, a cat, and a Bearded Dragon. Our house is always full and chaotic, but it is filled with love. 


We have always dreamed about owning a small resort or bed and breakfast. When we found the cabins, quite by accident, we immediately fell in love and knew they were meant for us. Neither of us had ever been to Minnesota, but it felt like home. Grand Marais is such a lovely quaint harbor town, and we are very excited to become part of this diverse and unique community. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. With any luck, we will get to retire by the lake someday. 

Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide an outstanding experience for our guests, from arrival to departure.

As conscientious hosts and self-imposed ambassadors for The North Shore, Grand Marais, and Devil Track Lake, 

it is our intention that guests make the most of their stay.

We go the extra mile to be as helpful as possible to each guest.  It is important to us that our guests get a real sense of

 MN hospitality, warmth and generosity.

We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment to ensure our guests will feel welcomed and important.

We promote with enthusiasm our charming resort and enjoy sharing suggestions for visiting some of

 Cook Counties wonderful destinations. 

Our Job is done when our guests:

· Feel  relaxed and renewed.

· Have been delighted by their warm and comfortable lodging.

· Have been able to enjoy the beautiful lake and sunset.

· Have enjoyed  participating in the amazing local sites and activities around Grand Marais.

· Have their expectations exceeded by our personal service.

We strive to ensure that our facility operates in a sustainable manner:

· Use of energy, waste and water are continually examined so that more  efficient methods can be found and adopted. 

· We purchase locally as often as possible to ensure less of a carbon  footprint and to support the local economy,

· Recycling is always a priority. 

· We prefer not to use hazardous chemicals and clean with healthier methods whenever possible.

The grounds are maintained as naturally as possible to protect the wildlife, lake, and guests. 

We always  promote the pay it forward mentality.